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How to Find Liberation Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Learning to recognize the difference between the leap that exhilarates you, inspires you to explore the world that’s within your grasp if you only reach for it – and the dive that glimmered with false promise but leaves you grasping for rough edges as you fight the free fall you’d never bargained for. Trusting the process –and the growth that accompanies new experiences – can only triumph if we learn how to read our internal compass. And the more we tune in with our intuition, the stronger the connection.

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How to Ground Yourself in the Present Moment

Whether we’re busy worrying about a potential future event or fixating on a past mistake, mental time travel disconnects us from the present moment and takes us out of our bodies. With social media and technology competing for our attention now more than ever, it’s far too easy for us to ignore the people, places, and opportunities before us and lose ourselves in mindless behavior.

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