Why My Faith is My Foundation

In the spirit of the Easter holiday, I’m opening up about my faith and how it inspires me to live each day with purpose.


I’ve been looking for the right opportunity to share the more personal aspect of my “why” and felt compelled to weave it into this weekend’s celebration of light and love. Because it’s this very light and love from the One who first loved us that carries me each day and empowers me to show up in the world in a meaningful way.

Allow me to sum up my faith with this: it’s the beautiful intersection of God’s mercy and grace that invites anyone and everyone to live a life of hope, joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness – and unlimited second chances. (Note: Mercy can be defined as not getting what you do deserve, and grace can be defined as getting what you don't deserve.)

For me, it's not about living each day in the confines of a religion constructed by man, but living each day in constant communication with a God that leaves me in awe every single day of the blessings that He continues to provide. And that is the daily manifestation of God's mercy and grace: blessing me with loving and supportive relationships, a roof above my head, food in my refrigerator, and the opportunity to empower others to find their own inner strength through the work I’m called to do in the wellness world. For me, it is these blessings that help me see the beauty in every moment – and it is my relationship with God that gives me a way to see in the dark.

I share all this to highlight the fact that it is my faith and hope in something greater than myself that continually inspires me to dream a little bigger and reach a little higher. It is my belief in myself and the saving power of love and kindness that defines the way I interact with the world around me. It is my belief in the seemingly impossible that encourages me to choose the high road and never stop searching for the silver lining. And while I rely on my inner strength to stand tall in the midst of life’s challenges, I am also supported beyond my wildest expectations as I navigate this adventure of life – and it’s my faith that keeps me grounded.  

So regardless of whether you believe in a Higher Power or the healing power of salvation, know this: your beliefs shape the way you carry yourself and how you show up in the world – and the “why” that forges your path ahead.

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