Empowering Women in Wellness: Tracy Duhs

Photo credit: Alayna G. Clark

Photo credit: Alayna G. Clark

Empowering Women in Wellness is an interview series highlighting strong women that have stepped into their light and looked within to find their inner strength.

I’m excited to share Tracy Duh’s mission and the journey that led her to where she is today, and it’s especially timely that I’m featuring her on Mother’s Day, as it was her advocacy for her daughter’s health that led her to look beyond traditional Western medicine for answers.


Tracy is an alchemist, herbalist, and specialist in integrative medicine who began her exploration of Western medicine at the age of 15. It was then that she shadowed a doctor in Guatemala and started to understand both the strengths and limitations of the Western approach to medicine.  

But it wasn’t until years later, when her two-year-old daughter Grace was diagnosed with alopecia after losing large patches of hair overnight, that Tracy realized that she held the key to her family’s health.

“The diagnosis did not offer any hope or steps to overcome the autoimmune condition,” says Tracy. “It was at this moment I realized that we have a great responsibility to advocate for our own health and take an active role in preventative care.”


Completing her PhD in Health Sciences also played a pivotal role in Tracy’s wellness journey, enabling her to “grasp on a deeper level how everything is entangled and how our thoughts carry frequency.” 

“If everything on earth starts with a vibration then thoughts become things,” says Tracy. “Our thoughts have the power to change our world within and around us.”

Photo credit: Alayna G. Clark

Photo credit: Alayna G. Clark

Tracy’s path ultimately led her to study Bioenergetic Medicine with Dr. Stephen Atkins. He explains that the constant creation of energy within our bodies’ cells and molecules, as well as processes such as protein synthesis and digestion, drives various energy systems. These systems follow pathways that interrelate and alter one another, which can cause disease and illness.

Dr. Atkins describes bioenergetic medicine, also called vibrational or resonance medicine, as specializing in “identifying energy pathways and using their unique qualities to both identify problems and to heal your body.”

“Bioenergetics, or resonance medicine, stems from the concept that everything begins with vibration,” says Tracy. “My thoughts have a vibration and those thoughts become things.”

A Unique Approach to Holistic Health

When it comes to daily practices that nurture her mind, body, and spirit, Tracy focuses on harnessing the power of her thoughts to benefit both her health and that of those around her.

“I begin my day with gratitude and praise,” says Tracy. “This helps tune my field, align my chakras, and bring my mind into balance. This practice has had profound effects on my health.”

It’s her focus on the mind, body, and spirt as the three pillars of health that led Tracy to create the Sanctuary Wellness Experience in San Diego. Motivated by her own daughter’s journey with alopecia, she also opened a wellness boutique called Grace + Parker dedicated to providing quality wellness and skincare products.

Like most of us, Tracy, too, has dealt with limiting beliefs that initially kept her from stepping into her power and light.

“A limiting belief I had to overcome was the fear of being misunderstood…once I realized that everyone has their own perception and sees the world through their unique lens,” says Tracy.

“We all see the world not as it is, but as we are. Understanding this concept has allowed me to fully surrender what others’ thoughts and feelings are about what I’m doing, and just be true to my intrinsic values.”

She views this perception of ourselves and the world around us as a critical influence on the health of both our physical and mental bodies.

Photo credit: Alayna G. Clark

Photo credit: Alayna G. Clark

“Perception of self as well as our perception of the world is the cornerstone of our health and wellness,” says Tracy. “If we view ourselves as Divinely Created, loved, and perfected as we are in this moment, then we are able to fully embrace our truth. When we embrace our truth, we are free to live life in our most authentic form. This truth carries with it alignment and balance in all forms… mental, physical and spiritual.”

A Catalyst for Hope

Tracy highlights this love as the driving force behind her mission as an ambassador for optimal health and her vision as a catalyst for hope.  

“My life's mission is to love at the highest level,” says Tracy. “We can’t control our circumstances, but we have the power to choose how we will respond. This responsibility – our ability to respond – has the power to transmute even the bleakest of situations.”

The contrast between times of hardship and times of joy is what inspires Tracy to continue her work each day and gives her purpose. It’s this resilience that led Tracy to pursue her passion for educating others on the three pillars of holistic health through consulting, speaking, and retreats designed for personal transformation. 

“We are all born with hope inside of us, but sometimes we can lose sight of that hope during trying seasons in life,” says Tracy. “My objective is to look people in the eyes and listen to their hearts, touch those who need a loving touch, and love with all of my heart.” 

“It seems simple, but I truly believe it’s the best medicine.”

To learn more about Tracy, visit her website, follow her journey on Instagram, and check out The Sanctuary Wellness Experience on Facebook.  

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