Empower + Breathe

Empower + Breathe is an experience designed to inspire, connect, let go, and reflect through intuitive movement.

Individuals will explore their inner strength through alignment-based vinyasa, energizing breathwork, and introspective reflection and meditation.

Throughout the workshop, participants will develop their mind-body connection and channel their sense of purpose to learn how to truly live in alignment.


Slow Down + Breathe is a yoga and breathwork workshop that explores tools for stress relief and relaxation through embodiment and kinesthetic awareness. Individuals will flow through mindful movements, focusing on strength, alignment, and stability. Participants will experience a variety of breathwork practices designed to energize, center, and relax, and will be equipped with the knowledge to access these tools long after leaving the workshop.

Mindful Matters: How to Manage Your Energy for a Vibrant Life

Mindful Matters teaches individuals how incorporating mindfulness into your daily practice can enhance productivity and sense of fulfillment. Participants will explore 5 simple steps to shift your focus, manage your time, and use your routine to power your day, based on the concept of neuroplasticity and the principles of intention, attention, and repetition. Through this introspective workshop, you will discover why learning how to manage your energy is the key to maximizing your productivity and finding balance in the midst of chaos.



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