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Empowering Women in Wellness: Ava Johanna

As part of my wellness interview series, meet Ava Johanna.

Through her one-on-one mentorship, Ava holds space for others to get clear on their vision for the life they want to lead as well.  

“I think in order to live in alignment, we need to get clear on what our values are, who we are and what we want from this lifetime,” says Ava. “If we’re not clear on that – even if it’s as specific as what we want our days to look like – how will we even know if we’re living in alignment?"

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Empowering Women in Wellness: Kate Van Horn

As part of my wellness interview series, meet Kate Van Horn.

From her own personal experience, Kate emphasizes that true healing can only come when we are willing to embark upon the path of self-discovery – something she strives to facilitate for everyone she serves. 

“My hope, intention, mission and vision with my work is to normalize the mess in all of us,” says Kate. “The messiness of our stories and the imperfections that shape us and differentiate us all.”

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Empowering Women in Wellness: Tracy Duhs

As part of my wellness interview series, meet Tracy Duhs.

When it comes to daily practices that nurture her mind, body, and spirit, Tracy focuses on harnessing the power of her thoughts to benefit both her health and that of those around her.

“I begin my day with gratitude and praise,” says Tracy. “This helps tune my field, align my chakras, and bring my mind into balance. This practice has had profound effects on my health.”

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Empowering Women in Wellness: Blake Spencer

Introducing my new wellness interview series! To kick it off, meet Blake Spencer, the woman behind Breath of Blake.

While breathwork may not always be part of Blake’s daily rituals, she emphasizes its infinite healing capacity. “In my experience, breath is the most natural practice I have found that moves the most energy,” says Blake. “This practice can be extremely healing for the body and soul and show us a lot about ourselves.”

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