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How to Find Liberation Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Learning to recognize the difference between the leap that exhilarates you, inspires you to explore the world that’s within your grasp if you only reach for it – and the dive that glimmered with false promise but leaves you grasping for rough edges as you fight the free fall you’d never bargained for. Trusting the process –and the growth that accompanies new experiences – can only triumph if we learn how to read our internal compass. And the more we tune in with our intuition, the stronger the connection.

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Why Your Language Affects How You Show Up in the World

It happens to the best of us.

Negative self-talk, self-deprecating comments, words that chip away at the fragile container of our self-worth.

As a result, we second-guess our decisions, we shy away from new experiences and opportunities, and we lose sight of what makes us unique – until we’re only pale reflections of the people we’re meant to be. 

But we have the power to change the script when we choose a new inner monologue.


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What I Learned From A Year of Reflection and Exploration

Just over a week ago, I celebrated my twin sister’s wedding on our shared birthday – a scheduling choice that initially prompted disappointment, but ultimately flooded me with gratitude for the most unforgettable celebration I’ve experienced to date.

As I reflected on my birthday weekend and my surpassed expectations, I took a step back and surveyed the past year as a whole– recognizing that the reality, too, exceeded my wildest expectations.

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How to Set Intentions that Help You Find Balance

Spending just a few moments checking in with ourselves – exploring the mind, body, spirit, and our sense of community – can help us identify areas we need to nurture and prioritize. This practice can be helpful to complete weekly or monthly to enable a holistic intention-setting approach tailored to serve you — wherever you are in your journey.  

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How to Protect Your Energy Through Introspection

Once we recognize that we as human beings have limited energy stores—coupled with limitless potential – we begin to understand the significance of tuning in with our unique energetic needs and truly listening to our bodies. Because when we’re each able to show up as the most aligned versions of ourselves, we are empowered to step into our potential and create a more balanced reality.

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Why I Choose the Road Less Traveled

Find what inspires you and what motivates you, and don’t let it out of your sight. Be pragmatic, but don’t lose your ability to dream. Keep opening doors, and windows, and everything in between – because they won’t all lead you to your unique path – but you won’t know until you have the courage to turn the handle.

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